No matter what work you do, incredible tools are available that can save you and your staff oodles of hours per week and save you thousands of dollars on expensive freelancers.
The challenge is to know which tools to use, when to use them, and how easily they are to use, so you don’t end up with a hard-drive full of expensive, unused software that takes up space, has potential security issues, and automatically renews on an annual basis.
My pledge to you is that I will only recommend tools or services that I personally use or that I believe will be helpful to you. I am always looking for tools and services to help program managers, staff, and faculty save time and money. I try out various software applications to see what works and what doesn’t and then share my experience with you, so you don’t have to spend time and money testing new applications.
Some links below are affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission or some benefit if you purchase. But, there has been no increase in fees for these resources to compensate or reward me. Also, many of the providers of these tools offer special discounts to you because of my relationship with them. Below, I give a brief description of my experience with the product or service and any special deals that are available.




I started using Dropbox to store and share files around 2009. I can access stored files from my desktop, laptop, or any mobile device.  You can start using Dropbox for free and upgrade your plan as your needs grow.
View My Article About Dropbox.

Evernote is one of my favorite tools. I started using Evernote in 2010. It’s great for taking and organizing notes. My most used Evernote function is the Web Clipper. I use it to clip web page content, automatically saving it to a notebook making it available for future use. You can start using Evernote for free and upgrade your plan to meet your needs. My Evernote article is in process.  TRY EVERNOTE.

I use, Keywords Everywhere to simplify my keyword research. The tool, a Chrome or Firefox extension is perfect for SEO research, collecting data for measuring performance, or budgeting for Google adwords.
View My Article About Keywords Everywhere.

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